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The Perfect Avocado

What defines the perfect avocado? Fresh, creamy and green. Every slice of avocado is unblemished as you spread it on your morning toast. 

But why is it so difficult to find the perfect avocado?

You rummage through the pile of avocados at the supermarket to find the best looking bunch, but when you get home and slice into your newly bought avocados, they are brown and bruised. We've all been there...

Why are the majority of super market avocados known to be bruised? 

Avocados need to be handled very carefully, more so than any other fruit in the produce section. Sadly, super market avocados don't always get the care they need.

Avo Orchard avocados are well known for being fresh, creamy and delicious because we are avocado experts!

Our avocados are picked from our trees and send straight to your doorstep within a few days. This guarantees our avocados are still fresh when they arrive to you, and well cared for!

Some would say we provide the perfect avocado 😉🥑